Awareness Materials

MOSAIC, EVA BC and the supporters of our project are dedicated to increasing community capacity to respond to and prevent forced marriage. Our primary concern is to support victims of forced marriage. There is a general perception that forced marriages are amongst problems of the cultural “other.” Casting judgement on specific cultures only serves to stigmatize victims and limit help seeking.

In creating awareness about forced marriage it is essential that we shift the focus away from ‘othering’ discourses towards protecting victims of forced marriage regardless of their ethnicity, religion, citizenship status, gender or sexuality. This is particularly necessary as research and reports show that forced marriage occurs regardless of gender or sexuality across many different cultures and religions and amongst citizens and immigrants. Given the concern that paying attention to the issue of forced marriage can serve to reinforce racist and stereotypical views about some religions and cultures , our campaign is aimed at challenging peoples assumptions about what forced marriage is, who the perpetrators are and who it affects.

Poster Downloads

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Forced Marriage Resource Brochure

(8.5” x 11” Three panel, two-fold brochure)