I am concerned for someone

Forced marriages can be a hidden problem. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone in your concern. Help is available for you and to support individuals within a forced marriage.

If someone discloses that they are being forced to marry or were forced to marry:

  • DO NOT send the individual away without assistance, in the belief that it is not your responsibility, or that you cannot help them.
  • DO NOT approach the family or friends unless the individual asks you to do so.
  • DO NOT breach confidentiality.
  • DO NOT attempt to be a mediator.
  • DO NOT contact community leaders or members unless requested to do so by the individual.
  • DO NOT disclose immigration status to police or immigration authorities.
  • DO NOT provide legal advice unless you are qualified to do so.

You can assist the person by connecting them with appropriate services and by offering non-judgemental and empathetic support.